Life Connections – songs

The “Life Connections” solo Native American flute album contains original compositions.

1. Sunshine Follows The Rain
Sunshine and rain are needed for life. We also experience sunshine and rain in our personal life. The sunshine are wonderful moments, but the rain comes with sadness yet the sun will reappear and bring sunshine back into our lives providing healing and growth.

2. Deep Blue
The endangered Blue Whale’a lowest vocal frequency is 10 Hz. The human ear can perceive 20 Hz. The song was inspired by their voice from deep sea recordings. I hope to someday experience seeing one.

3. Hello There
On the beach in North Carolina, you see little piping plovers (threatened shore birds) running along the shore line. Dolphins are sometimes seen. In the trees, birds watch you as you watch them, eagles soar overhead or peer from the nest. Or a fox runs across your path as you both pause to look at each other. A quick “hello there”.

4. Lakota Time
While living in Badlands National Monument, the beginning of the day lightens to the east. The day encompasses many forms as the shadows change over the landscape. As the day comes to an end, the sunset. Life wasn’t rushed.

5. A Day To Soar
The first sounds heard in the early morning are birds, announcing a new day. Adult Bald Eagles call to each other and their young, it’s time to soar.

6. Dark Sky
Gazing overhead in the darkness at the vast stars and heavenly bodies, how small we seem. Yet we are a part of the universe and all living things are precious.

7. Spirit of the Prairie
When living in Badlands National Monument I was had opportunities to observe bison. Tatanka to the Lakota people, was important to their life and spirituality.

8. Remembered Not Forgotten
As we remember family and friends who have passed, there is sadness and later, peace. Thinking of a dear friend, I began playing and this song flowed from me through the instrument. Sadness, yet comfort knowing our lives were connected through friendship and music.

9. Last Call
At the end of the day, the birds give their last calls before the last light disappears.

10. Dawning of the Day
Looking east, the sky begins to lighten and then…. a beautiful sunrise colors the sky and clouds. Life begins.